Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Seven

What a great week! This was one of those weeks where the weather was changing and it made me feel all reflective and truly blessed.
I'll never get over the goodness of God to me...everyday! I'm thankful that God is answering prayer and making it easier everyday to send Cloe to school because I know that nothing will happen to her that is not totally in God's plan for her life. On Friday, Carson said, "Mommy, I not cry anymore when Cloe leave..." Me neither. Thank you, Lord!
I'm thankful for Cloe's growing understanding of her sin and her need of a Savior. This week she was whining excessively and I took her little face and said, "Cloe, you are whining. Whining is sin." To which she replied, "Well, if those people hadn't eaten that fruit, I wouldn't be having this problem." Yes, true...sort of. I'm praying that she will have complete understanding of her need for a Savior soon and that she will place her faith in Jesus Christ.

I'm thankful our new pastor and his wife have arrived. It's sort of a flash back to the's a picture of them in college. I've got a few funny pictures to save for the "right" time...I hope they don't have any retaliation pics!

The first summer after Cody and I got married, we got to travel on a music team from Faith. It was amazing, to say the least. We loved all of our teammates and had 10 of the best weeks traveling on the West Coast. On Saturday, we had a little reunion at our house. Seven of us (out of nine) were able to get together with all of the super cool spouses (how often does that happen!?!) and TEN super cute children with two more babies on the way. (Obviously we've had no problem figuring out how to procreate!) It was so fun (the reunion...although I'm sure the procreating was a fine time, too. Seriously, gutter issues here.)! I'm so thankful that God has given us friends that we can pick right up with--even after eight years! They are the best people in the world! I think we'll always love them! (I hope you're all reading this, too! Go FA2K! duh, that was weird!)All of us before kids...
I think this little girl gets the cutest kid award for the night! Isn't Julia so cute!!! (There were several runners-up, but seriously, she's smiling and laughing at me...)

The girls...sorry I don't think I let the camera focus...I was just so excited!
The four bores (I'm not quite sure how they got that nickname)
... these are some of the funniest boys I know!
My favorite memory was staying at a lumberjack's house in Northern California and Josh was wearing a "Save a Tree" shirt that he got free from a computer show. It just made for good awkward fun!

Today after church, McClain thought it would be fun to body slam Carson to the ground. I'm thankful the injuries weren't any worse than this. At first glance, the blood was just running out of his mouth and his teeth were bloody. Everyone was sort of in a calm "panic" mode. Thankfully, he cleaned up nicely and only a few bumps, bruises, and carpet burn are left (I'm so paranoid about those pearly whites!).
Yesterday, a dear lady that I use to teach with at Grandview lost her husband unexpectantly to a massive heart attack. I grieve for her loss, yet I'm thankful that she has hope because of Jesus Christ. She is a widow now but is not alone--because of her relationship with Christ. I'm sure the next few weeks will be very tough. She has four daughters--two sets of twins born nine years apart. They are so sweet but all live very far away. Pray for also for her first grade class that their little minds would find comfort in their teacher's loss and that they would be sensitive, obedient, and loving...

Lastly, I'm thankful for all the people at Willow Creek that truly making God "look good" through the trials they are facing or living. HIS NAME is being proclaimed and HIS LOVE is being shared! It's an honor to be apart of a family like that! We love it! (Sorry, I need to get a collective picture of all the awesome people at WC!)


Josh Byers said...

Mick just showed me your blog and I have to commend you for your dedication.

I think we were called the 4 "bores" because when we came up with the "Fab Five" Carey was mad at us and in her desperation to find a cool yet demeaning name all she could come up with on the spot was "bores" because we were boring or something... At least that's how I remember it.

It was a really fun night - too short though. Next time we should plan a afternoon/evening at a park or something.