Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Seven

There's so much to continuously be thankful for! Thanks to those pilgrims, fall always puts me in that "extra thankful" mode. So, seeing as tomorrow begins Autumn...
1. I'm thankful for a little trip Cody and I get to take this week to MN for a Desiring God Conference! I'm excited for the opportunity to get away, relax, hear some awesome speakers, and hopefully fit in some great shopping, too!
2. I'm thankful for a great kick-off for MOPS. I couldn't ask for a better group of moms to help plan and run it and for better moms to come! It's going to be an exciting year!
3. Speaking of friends, I'm pretty sure I've found the best girls around! I'm really thankful for them--especially after spending some time last night with some "other" gals...there's just something about friends who take you as you are, have lots in common, and love to laugh!
4. I'm thankful that my allergies will go away as soon as it freezes! (Is that wishful thinking or what!)
5. I'm thankful that Cloe has gone two nights without having her terrible nightmare. I'm praying it will just go away all together! Those are awful times!
6. I'm thankful for a little *family vacation* we are starting to plan for the beginning of October!!! More to come on that soon!
7. Lastly, I'm thankful that the boys are not needing breathing treatments right could change tomorrow, but it's always a blessing to have a day off of the nebulizer!
That was a quick seven! I hope you all can list off at least seven things to be thankful for today!