Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Back!

The weekend trip was fantastic! All weekend, I kept thinking, "I've got to blog this so I don't forget it!" But, alas, Carson's ear drum burst yesterday and a lot of today was spent with our wonderful pediatrician...hopefully we're on the mend! I feel horrible for Carson! The dr. said he must have had a terrible screaming fit of pain when it burst, but not so. Carson has a freakishly high pain tolerance. Cody's mom said the only time he acted different was at lunch on Sunday. His eyes totally glazed over and he looked as if he would pass out. Dr. Coggi said this was probably from the intense pain that he was experiencing as his ear drum burst. It started draining super yucky stuff shortly after this. He suggested we teach him to show some other signs of pain to help us out...poor crazy boy! SO, we're using ear plugs during bathtime, special drops to rebuild the ear drum, super strong anti-biotics and lots of extra cuddling. Then it'll be back to the doctor in two weeks to have his hearing checked to make sure no damage occurred. Ah...the stressful life that my children cause me to lead. I wouldn't trade it for the world...but I do appreciate health!
SO, maybe tomorrow we'll catch up on all the great things we saw, heard, learned...even tasted!


peter marie said...

Poor little guy!!
I'm anxious to read your insights into the conference....

I was searching Mark Driscoll and found some of his stuff on birth control, but you should post it so I know if it was the right one or not. What I read was great!
Happy Wednesday!

Liss said...

poor kid! I know how it feels and I have a high pain tolerance and I was still crying to he is insane to not have cryed at all!