Friday, October 24, 2008

Carson's surgery

Early this morning, we all packed up and head down to Lutheran Hospital for Carson's surgery for his tubes in his ears. He was pretty smiley!

He LOVES this puppy. As long as the puppy is along, all is right with the world!

Notice that I couldn't dress the boys alike? Carson had to wear zipper pajamas so they could monitor his breathing and watch his chest. I think it actually hurt to leave with them in different clothing! They were both really confused, too. Carson said, "Hey Clainey, you wearin' the wrong stuff. Look at me!" Maybe I've done a little damage...
We had to give Carson a breathing treatment before his surgery to make sure he was completely opened up to breath. The anesthesiologist said this would also prevent any complications. Carson went back with the nurse pretty willingly. Everything went smooth putting the tubes in and all the infection was flushed out. He came out of the anesthesia really well and even snuggled with a nurse on the way out of recovery back to us. All the kids got super cute little stuffed bears for being so good.This picture was right after we got home...back to his normal silly self! He was also starving! He polished off a big plate full of scrambled eggs and toast. Then he requested goldfish and carrots. He also managed to eat a pretty healthy lunch an hour later!
I'm kind of sad that the side affects of drowsiness and laying around didn't seem to hit him! I have those side affects today! I think the breathing treatment hyped his heart rate up so much that it's hard for him to be still.
We're thankful it all went well and are looking to a year free of ear infections!


une autre mère said...

Yay! I'm so glad everything went so smoothly! Too bad he wasn't drowsy for you though. :) Millie has her 2nd surgery Thursday. I'm hoping it goes as well as Carson's!