Saturday, October 11, 2008

Soup's On!

We made it home safely and fell right back into the swing of busy life today! This morning was filled with a sweet beautiful birthday party for an extra sweet little girl who's had one amazing ride for her first year of life!
Then it was to Home Depot buy supplies for the "garage project". Our garage is just Cody and a friend painted it this afternoon. It's on the funky side now...olive greenish in color. I like it. We have a box full of treasures from my grandpa's barn to display on the walls, and Cody picked up some new "organizational shelves" for all the miscellaneous things that need to be stored out there. It will be a work in progress for a few days.
While the boys worked, I did a bazillion loads of laundry. It always feels like that after vacation! My next project will be to paint our main floor bathroom. It's the only room that we haven't painted since we moved in. Guess what! It's going to be a shade of *blue*. Thanks to Peter Marie for sharing her love of robin's egg blue with me!
So, while all the sudden household projects? We're hosting the Great Pumpkin Carving Party for our ABF on Saturday. Gatherings are always a good incentive to get a project completed!
Here's where I need some input. We're having soup (as always). I want to have five crock-pots of soup. That way, if there are left-overs, we can have a little variety. So far, the picks are Abby's Rockin' Chili (that's my new name for it), Cheesy Potato, Chicken & Wild Rice, Minestrone, and ???.
SO, let me know: what's your favorite kind of soup?
Here's where I'll make it fun! Leave me the name of the soup and your recipe. If we make it--I'll give you a prize! Seriously. I'll go to the store and buy you something!
(I don't know what I'll buy yet because I don't know who the winner will be. I'll try to reward appropriately to your likings!)

Now comment away...please!


Jessica said...

So glad you guys made it home safe! Sounds like you had a ton of fun with your family in MI. I have an idea for your soups, but I need to get the recipe first. I will let you know!

Anonymous said...

We love to eat Chicken Tortilla Soup. The recipe is really easy to make. I will warn you - it is spicy but even Mia likes it.
I will give you the basic recipe - I always double or triple or even more depending on how many I am going to have.

1 can Campbells Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup
1 Can Cream of Chicken Soup
1 Can of milk - just fill up the empty can
for extra spice I will add 1 can of enchilada sauce (red)
1 small can of green chilies
cooked/diced chicken.

I cook several chicken breasts first. I save a little of that broth water and then add all my ingredients. I let it simmer for awhile. When I serve it - I put tortilla chips on top.

Very good even if I don't win a prize!

Following The Fosters said...

i dont have a good soup idea...because im still trying to find good soup recipes. im still new to the whole cooking scene. so i look forward to trying the soups on saturday!

by the way your blog page is so cute!