Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday Seven!

We made it to MICHIGAN! It's an hour later here, though, so these are going to be quickly rattled off...sorry!
*I'm really thankful that the trip went quickly and the kids did so well in the car. We read a lot of books until I had my first bout of motion sickness...ugh! Then we played, "I spy with my little eye..." It was a really fun ride and everyone was so *pleasant*!
*I'm thankful for my adorable little nephew Kolby! Katie had kept him with her so I could see and hold him as soon as we got there. I'll try to post pictures of him tomorrow. He's a cutie pie!
*I'm thankful for the kindest husband in the world--he let us make a quick pit stop at the outlets! :) Look for a couple of cute new shirts!
*I'm SO thankful for our MOPS group and all the new moms that came. Friday was great! Our little *pork-on-a-stick* lady was so fun and gave us great freebies!
*I'm really thankful for great friends from college who you can pick up with right where you left off...Happy 30th Birthday JB! MB--I bought a twin green shirt today! :) Hope to see you guys again soon!
*Again, I'm thankful for my in-laws! They continually show love to us in ways nicer than I deserve...
*Lastly, I'm really thankful for my children! How old will they be when I have to quit kissing their little faces like crazy! Every time I see them, I'm just compelled to grab them up and hug and kiss them. They were especially cute all cashed out in the car...Carson had his head on McClain's lap and McClain had his arm around him. Cloe was all snuggled up to McClain's other side. I think that's a picture I won't forget soon...what a blessing!
Well, it's now 1:11 am here! I can't wait to post the fun things we do with our *cousins*! Have a great Monday!


Niki Jolene said...

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