Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today's Adventure

Today we took a little trip over to Grand Rapids to the Children's Museum. It is hands-down the best place we have ever taken our kids! So much to see and do--and everything is made just for *kids*! The pictures seemed to have captured a lot of the backs of kids' heads and kids in motion--no one wanted to take the time say "cheese" for very long! Here's a glimpse of our visit:

Right in downtown Grand Rapids, this old building has been transformed into a children's museum. The architecture and artwork was amazing!
During October, they have a special display set up for Emergency Responders--here are the helicopter and ambulance.
Cloe worked on the patient in the back of the ambulance while Carson and McClain "drove" it to the hospital and ran the siren and lights up front.
There was some serious discovery going on in the firetruck.
Next we headed to the "Construction Zone". The kids worked up quite a sweat hauling plastic rocks and tire tread all around this little set-up. We think McClain even tried a *taste* of tire tread--a little black residue smudged on his lips kind of told on him!
The girls got tired of the Construction Zone and headed into a cute little kitchen to prepare a tea party.
*ALL* the boys loved playing in the tire tread! They would fill up this tunnel as fast as they could and then pull the plug and let it pour out...over and over and over...

Everyone loved piling into this little yellow bug! It was parked right next to a "tree" that led to a huge tree house.
The next room was full of these little contraptions to fill with plastic balls and then release. I love how they were mounted on the brick walls.
There was also a grocery store, sand box, panting center, stage, and gift shop on this level!
This is the tree house on the the second level. This level had more "educational" interactive stations, a play bank, play cafe, library area, puppet stage and everything else you'll see below...There was some super deep concentration going on here as Cloe tried to model Cody's actions in getting these little wheels to spin on the moving circle. She got really good at this!The Human Bubble Contraption!
Even Kolby got in on some of the bubble action!Everyone got their sleeves a little wet (literally) in bubble making!Here's a small glimpse at one of the murals and another play area.There was a huge music area with tons of percussion instruments and this funky piano. I think this was Kolby's first lesson...pretty cute!This part was one of my favorites. The kids got to dress up like bees and then observe a real bee hive. The hive had a large silver pipe coming out the back so the bees could actually come and go from the outside. Of course, it just wasn't a bee display--it was the BEE Movie complete with Barry and all his friends!Cloe loved the fun mirrors!Everyone got into the magnet table!After a full day of discovering and playing, I love this picture of the fisted--gnawed on apple, a drained Caprisun, and a cashed out little guy!

Thanks for sharing our memories from the Children's Museum!


peter marie said...

That looks like amazing fun! I'm glad you're having such a great time!!

Natural Mamma said...

I am totally jealous. You are making Michigan look like the funnest place ever. I went to "your" Target today and thought of you! Miss you!