Saturday, November 29, 2008

A few pictures...

It's time to get into the Christmas mood! We started a little early--I was so glad to see many other people starting early too! I'm always so overwhelmed at the joy of the Christmas season. No matter how hard society tries, they can't take Christ out of Christmas! We've gone through a phase of trying "Merry x-mas" and only sending "Seasons Greetings" and having "Winter Paties"...yet Jordan Creek still plays Joy to the World as the grand finale of fireworks kicks off their Christmas festivities, the Rockettes (yes, I love those kickin' girls) still have an amazing part of their program that completely focuses on the birth of Christ, the Festival of Trees and Lights downtown has many trees that are all nativity themed ornaments... I love using these reminders to thank God for sending His Son to be my Savior! The Christmas story is beautiful and I never want my children to lose sight of the amazing wonder of a perfect Savior coming to a sinful world. Christ was and still is the remedy for a sinful, lost world!
Here are some pictures of the fun we've enjoyed at our house this past week...more to come soon!

It's hard to avoid the big white bearded man at the mall with the ensnaring twinkle in his eye...Cloe loves to talk to him and the boys think all his sleigh bells are the best. Cloe told him about Jesus helping her be good because He is her Savior. Because Santa is everywhere during Christmas, we've decided to teach our children that we don't "believe in Santa" as some would say, but we believe in God. Santa is a man at the mall who is a great example to us of how God wants us to be cheerful givers to others. I know it's a controversial thing for many families: Santa or no Santa. If you ask our children what Christmas is all about, they will tell you: JESUS! That is and always will be our focus at Christmas. So, thanks for reading that little editorial...and Merry CHRISTmas!