Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Seven

Well, this Sunday Seven finds me in a place I wasn't expecting, but God is good!
I'm thankful we were able to pack up quickly and get to my parents' house today. It was good to see my grandma and let the kids love on her for awhile!
I'm also thankful the kids did so well in the car. It's a pretty long trip, but everyone arrived with smiles!
I'm SO grateful for my Grandpa's legacy. I can honestly say my Grandpa impacted my life for Christ in a way that not many people can compare. He was a soft-spoken man with a loud testimony of Christ in his life. His life was not a wasted life but a life that gave glory to his Savior.
I'm thankful that my Grandpa is not living in a body that is feeling the pains of living in a sin-cursed world. How amazing to take a last breath here on earth and instantly be with Christ on the next breath.
I'm thankful for Cody's willingness to do the entire funeral service. He got all giddy when I told him there would be people attending who didn't know Christ as their Savior. Watch out!
Back tracking on the timeline here...I'm thankful for an awesome group (21) of new young married couples who started a new ABF at WC today. What a blessing and encouragement to see God growing our family!
I'm thankful for the opportunity we had last night to lead worship on a front porch of a really old farm house near Iowa City. We were with the EndZone Campus Bible Fellowship Group. It was a fun night of activities: a bonfire, hayrack ride, singing, and getting to know new people.
Who wouldn't be thankful for the opportunity to stop at the outlets, too?!? We found some great deals a picked up baby gifts, too!
I'm thankful for a busy week of new life! Congrats to those new mommies! I'll be praying for quick healing and opportunities to find rest!
Hope you all have a great week! I'll probably be taking a few days off from here until I can get back to my normal routine at home. :)


Alisa said...

I'm so sorry your grandfather passed, Londa! He sounds like such an amazing man who will have many generations of blessing behind him!!!

peter marie said...

So sorry to hear about your grandpa, but so thankful that he is in an amazing place right now! Hope everything went well with the funeral and with your family. You're in our prayers.