Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Seven

These Sunday Seven come courtesy of Carson...snuggling on my lap. He slept in his bed for 3 hours this afternoon and for another 2 hours on my lap. Not sure what he's coming down with, but he sure is being sweet!
Here are Carson's answers to what he's thankful for:
Grandma and Grandpa
Curious George
My Daddy and Mommy
My best friend Clainey
The Park
My big sister Cloe

So, that's actually eight...but we couldn't leave out Cloe! I wish I could write in the little pronunciations of a two year old--that makes everything sweeter!
Have a happy week!


peter marie said...

That's so sweet.

I hope he's okay! Henry also slept for about 5 hours--straight! Woke up with a fever, but is acting fine. Who knows?!? That's one of the bad things about winter-constant sickness!