Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Seven

This week I spent a lot of time on the couch. Between holding sick boys and then getting their bug myself, I feel completely caught up on the mindless tv programming wired into my home everyday! I do have to say...I absolutely love Curious George and his endless entertainment for children!
Normally I enjoy watching Rachael R. and seeing what she has cooking. One particular day, I felt a little shocked back into reality that her show is not complete "goodness". (I know some of you may be rolling your eyes that I thought she was all good...but you know, when you're home alone with small children these people become your "daytime friends"...that's just how it is. I need a life!)
This day's program had all specialized people helping focus on particular areas to make Thanksgiving wonderful. I don't even remember which man made this statement, but it got me fired up. He said, "Thanksgiving is the one holiday that religion doesn't have to get messed up in. It's about coming together and just being thankful for each other and what we have..."
WHAT? Who are we thanking if we aren't thanking God? (Why must these people keep provoking me!?!) Yes, I am deeply thankful to my husband for being a wonderful husband and to my parents and family for their love, and on and on. Ultimately, however, I am thankful to GOD for providing these people in my life and for giving me all the blessings of which I am so undeserving. I think we would totally miss the point if we didn't point our thanks to our Creator! This is a pretty cool verse I found today: Psalm 44:8 In God we have boasted continually, and we will give thanks to your name forever. That's what I want our Thanksgiving to be this year...boasting in GOD and thanking Him...continually!
Pastor Mike preached a great message today on Thanksgiving: The Praise of the Privileged. You can listen here if you missed it. I was really challenged to be more grateful for the everyday blessings I experience, to be more grateful for the things I have prayed for and see answered, and to continually teach my children gratefulness!
So, you've been waiting for a simple Sunday Seven and got a mini-sermon...sorry! Here they are:

#1: This one may seem silly, but for the last several weeks I've been stewing about our dying tv and not having the money to instantly replace it. Today I realized I need to be grateful for the nine years of tv watching on a screen bigger than any of those that my parents have ever owned in their lives. We were so blessed to have such a generous grandpa who gifted us so kindly when we graduated from college. God provided way above our need back then...why do I stew now? Would it be the end of the world to watch a smaller tv...or go without?
#2: I am so thankful for Caitlin, one of our students at the Drake Bible Study. She continually amazes me at how she is growing in her understanding and most importantly, her following of God's Word. She has had a super tough week of rejection and cruelty from "old" friends, but she remains steadfast in her desire to grow in Christ. I love her and pray God will give me opportunities to show her Christ's unconditional love!
#3: I am so thankful for Cloe, McClain and Carson. Having sick kids isn't fun, but it really develops your compassion and love as you cuddle and comfort them. They have been little troopers...especially Carson. He had strep throat, double sinus infection, and the worst, worst case of the stomach bug. We're on the mend with extra daily vitamins, large doses of vitamin C, and zinc tablets.
#4: I am very thankful for Cloe's teacher and little blessings God is giving us with Cloe in school. She had "failed" the Dibel's reading test earlier this year. At conferences, Cody found out she missed it by one point. This put her in an intensive reading group--receiving must more help and one-on-one work with a teacher or aid. How cool--in a class of 26, she's getting individualized help. God is good! She's not getting "lost in the crowd" which was a huge fear of mine. The teacher said she will probably learn things very well because of this! God's plan is always so cool in hindsight! We just need to trust! Also, her handwriting is extremely neat and beautiful! I have a little artsy-fartsy girl! I love her!
#5: I am so thankful for Cody's parents willingness to drop everything and help with our kids. They stayed with them today during church to provide an extra day of rebuilding fortheir little immune systems. It is such a blessing to have grandparents close and to have them be so willing to help us!
#6: Who couldn't help but be thankful for the beautiful snow yesterday? I'm not a huge fan of the harsh winter weather, but a gentle snow fall always leaves me marveling at the incredible detail of God's creation! We put our Christmas tree up and got all of decorations out! It was a lot of fun! (Even though the phrase "many hands make light work" isn't actually true when the hands are those of 2 two-year olds...we caught some cute pictures of 3-5 ornaments on a single overloaded branch!)
#7: I actually have way more than seven things this week...but lastly, I am really thankful for the good friends God has placed in my life. I love having friends who choose to spend time relating to my interests...finding bargains, trying out a good recipe, writing a blog, and telling "children" stories. I know I have girls by my side who would stop everything to pray for me or help me in a bind, girls who don't mind if I have the same clothes as them, girls who are willing to share trials and triumphs, most importantly girls who are on the same journey of becoming more like Christ and devoted daughters of God. No matter which part of those statements fit...I love all you girls!

Happy Thanksgiving!


peter marie said...

Woah, Rachael. That kind of suprises me that she said that, but I don't know why because it's not like I actually know her like I think I do sometimes. Her talking drives me nuts so I usually just watch the last 15 minutes to catch the cooking. :)

Glad everyone is back to normal now! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Are you planning on going to the midnight madness at Jordan Creek. Just say the word and I'm there. :)