Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today I experienced one of those days where you set out your schedule and have it all ready to go and then suddenly things start to spiral out of control. I'm so thankful for a Bible Study I did a few years ago that challenged me to put all the days' events in God's Hands--everyday, all the time, no matter what! I can make plans, but by telling God I will go with whatever He has for my day, I'm not overly frazzled when things start to spin out of control! I know that everything that happens will bring glory to God and today I caught a little glimpse of that!

The day started more bright and early than I'm use to with a quick accountability/prayer meeting. Then it was off to get Cloe to school and the boys and I to Precepts at church. After that we rushed home for early naps. During that time, I quickly fixed treats for the Drake Bible Study and a supper to be baked later. Thankfully, I got a call that the soup I needed to make and take to Cloe's school for the teachers was switched to Thursday.

At three o'clock, I grabbed the boys out of bed (from which they never actually slept in...oh well) and got Cloe from school early to head to the doctor's office for flu shots. Here's where it started getting tricky. The doctor's office called and had some delays, so we needed to wait about forty minutes to come. After a snack, we loaded up again to head to the doctor's office. They were still busy, so we had to wait quite awhile. I was getting a little concerned; Cloe's parent teacher conference was scheduled for 5:40, but we still had over an hour. Well, as it turned out, all three kids were running a temperature and a few tests had to be run...waiting, waiting... Three cases of strep throat and a major sinus infection for Carson. We still got our flu shots for the kids, too.

We finally got in the car at 5:36 pm. Cloe started wailing when she realized we wouldn't make it in time for the conference with her teacher. Cody had to go alone. He brought home lots of great news (relieving news!) that I'll probably share later. We threw supper in the oven; I ran to get all the medicine, we got Cody off again to Drake and the kids all got in bed quickly.

So, by now you've either quit reading about this marathon or you're really wondering how this brought glory to God. Well, let me tell you! Cloe was just bursting to tell our nurse, Jamie, that she had asked Jesus to be her Savior. Jamie responded so sweetly and asked knowledgeably about all the details and if I had prayed with her. I knew we really liked this sweet nurse!

Next, Dr. C came in and Cloe "shared the news" with him. He looked at me and said, "Is that like communion or something?" Well, well, well...let me just tell you...he, he, he! I love it when things like this happen! I quickly tried to put the fast clicking clock out of my mind and shared with him that we believe the Bible teaches that there is nothing we can do to "earn" our way to heaven or merit favor with God. So Christ was sent to die on the cross for our sins. When Cloe asked Jesus to be her Savior, she was telling God that she believes Christ died for her sins and that she wants Him to be her Savior. Dr. C responded with this, "That's pretty amazing what kids can understand when it comes to those things. My son went to a church class and can rattle of sayings that I don't even know." Yeah, he meant verses, but that's ok!

I know it was just a very quick seed planted, but I'm so thankful for this first opportunity! We have been praying that we would have a good testimony to our pediatrician, his wife, his nurse, our dentist, his staff, etc... Sometimes the opportunities come when we least expect them...or even maybe want them. Thankfully, my schedule is in God's Hands and although it all turned out differently than I had planned, I'm not disappointed at all! I'm reminded of a great short phrase from a verse I saw in Deuteronomy this morning: There is no one like our God!