Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's only Tuesday, and it feels like it's been a crazy week already!
Here are some highlights and funny moments:
*Yesterday our little friend Haddie had the cutest Fancy Christmas Tea Party for all the little girls from church. Cloe LOVED it and had a wonderful time enjoying strawberry tea, Christmas cookies, and the cutest little snowman craft. Hopefully I'll get some pictures from Amy...it was too cute!
*On the way home, we noticed a familiar car stalled on the side of the Interstate so we whipped around and found our friend Julie. She hopped in and we ran to get some gas...silly vehicles. We were really struggling with the gas can, so we asked this guy to help us get it open. He said he had to grab some gloves first. As he was opening the can for us, he asked what we were planning on doing with the gas. Uh, filling up her car?!? He kind of looked relieved and said, "Good, I was hoping you weren't going to burn anything down and my finger prints would be on the can." Seriously, did we look like desperate, exhausted moms with no prayer to a sane life, so we'll just go ahead and torch the place...it was a good laugh!
*Today, I was on the phone on hold from 9:08 to 11:07...seriously, I thought I was going to crazy! I made the kids breakfast, bathed and dressed them, did a load of laundry, picked up toys...all with my phone wedged between my ear and my shoulder. When I got off the phone, I seriously thought I was going to cry from all the desperate thoughts that go through your mind while waiting for the silly customer service person to PICK UP! It turned out that I was instructed to drive to an office in downtown Des Moines and wait another hour for a silly piece of paper work...long story...I KNOW I have at least 100 more gray hairs and a much deeper wrinkle furrowed between my brows!
*Now, to the fun! I had to run several errands at the mall, so we started out with a ride on the Valley West Mall Christmas Express! For only $1, your child can experience 3 minutes of pure exhilarating joy on a little train ride. I LOVED their smiles and giggles...totally worth it!
*Kudos to my little eagle eye, McClain. He spotted a crumpled up dollar bill on the floor in GAP Kids! Since the store was pretty deserted, we got to keep the whole dollar bill! The dollar bill then told McClain it was waiting to pay for some ice cream. Of course, I obliged and we all enjoyed sharing a caramel sundae! (Yes, it was a little more than a dollar, but totally worth it!) I also got Cloe 5 shirts and a pair of velvet black pants for $20! Great sales!
*The kids did awesome as we jetted in and out of four more stores completely returns and last minute purchases!
*Then I called my mom and found out my dad had a rough day. He was outside snow blowing their driveway. He suddenly walked in the house, sat down and passed out. My mom tried to call 911, but their phone lines were down due to a blown transformer. Their cell phone wouldn't connect her either. So she just sat by my dad and beat on him (her words!). He came to and passed out...she finally got him in the car and took him to the hospital. They think his blood pressure went really low and had some trouble. Anyway, he's fine how. My mom said she now knows she won't do well in crisis situations!
Now for the future plans:
*Tonight, we get to enjoy a trip through Jolly Holiday Lights!
*Tomorrow, we are having our own little family Christmas in the morning! We're going out for breakfast at Gateway Market! (Buy 1, get one free! Isn't that awesome!) I love that place! Then we'll open gifts and head to Creston to be with Cody's family.
Sorry that the recipes have been lacking lately or have just been one's full of sugar! As soon as the new year's resolutions start in I'm sure I'll be full of sneaky, healthy recipes that you'll all just jump for as you steam and puree all your colored vegetables! Right?
Merry Christmas! I'm excited to hear about all of the wonderful celebrations that you enjoy as we praise God for His Gift of Jesus Christ, our Savior and remedy for sin!


peter marie said...

Sounds like some fun times! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and we'll see you on Sunday!

Julie said...

What crazy person lets their car run out of gas?...Oh wait....that was me! Thanks again for the rescue.