Friday, December 12, 2008

A Freaky Friday!

Today will have to go down in the books as one of those days with continuous "mommy heart attacks" happening all day loooooong!
It all started at 10:00 am with a call from the school nurse, "Mrs. Crigger, we have Cloe here in the nurse's office. I don't want to alarm you, but she fell down on the hill and slid on her face..." Poor Cloe and those stinkin' monstrous boots she has to wear to every recess, they tripped her up and she tumbled down the hill--right on the left side of her face. She got to talk to me and told me she would be okay to stay at school for the rest of the day...heart attack #1: not too bad.
At 4:00, my mom and I were racing home from running an erand when my dad called and said, "Londa, the bus just stopped at the corner, but Cloe didn't get off." I was just around the corner, so I watched as the bus went by, and sure enough, no Cloe still on the bus either. I started trying to call the school office; no answer. My dad said he would wait in the driveway and my mom and I raced off to the school. I ran in the building and the office was all locked up, her teacher was gone and there was no Cloe. I ran in the classroom next door where a teacher was still working and burst into tears as I told her my kindergartner had not gotten off the bus, and we didn't know where she was. She hopped on the phone to Cloe's teacher to make sure she had gotten on the bus. Yes, she had. Then she started to call the bus driver when my dad called me and said Cloe had just appeared out of no where on the side walk at the end of the street. I raced home, still feeling like I could lose my lunch at any moment! I ran in the house and asked Cloe what had happened. Here it is in her words, "My friend, Mali, told me we were supposed to have a playdate today and she made me get off the bus at her stop. She said I had to. When we got to her house, her mom said they had a Christmas party and I couldn't stay. She said to walk home." So, my poor little girl got duped by a not-so-nice little neighbor girl and then had to walk home quite a ways all by herself...still in those crazy monstrous boots. The worst part is that the bus driver (the "no-English" guy) let Cloe off the bus at a different stop without any parental permission...I feel a note to the principal coming on...
That alone would have been enough for my heart for at least a month, but then tonight Cloe was playing with a little friend in her room and had a mishap. She fell off her bed and pretty much landed her side square on her doll crib and konked her shin on her bed. I'm a little concerned about a fractured rib or's also skinned up pretty badly. The paint on the crib is ingrained into her sweater and there's red sweater fuzz stuck to the crib! She was pretty much frozen to the couch after that.
Needless to say, Cloe went to bed in quite a bit of pain! It was hard to put her to bed. I just wanted to hold her, squeeze her, and love on her!
Thankfully, God was protecting Cloe today in all of those instances! Each one of them could have ended much worse! Now for the damage to my heart...


une autre mère said...

Wow! What a crazy day! I hope Cloe ends up being okay. My heart was racing as you recounted the story of Cloe not getting off the bus - and I even knew she was okay because I saw her last night! You poor mom. Hopefully today will be mishap-free!