Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Seven

Did you hear? Snow is coming! There's a slight possibility of a snow day!?! I'm praying hard. We LOVE snow days! PJ's, oatmeal, hot cocoa, lots of storytime, movies, popcorn...the whole is great! Maybe that will get to be on my Sunday Seven next week!
Here's a few things I'm thankful for this week:
1. I am SO thankful for our amazing MOPS Steering Team made up of totally terrific moms! We had a great time on Friday...I completed TWO crafts that I *love* and can't wait to make again! Thanks Abby and Amy! You girls are the best!
2. Chelsea continues to come to Bible Study, ask questions, and learn a lot! I'm so thankful that the Holy Spirit is continuing to draw her closer to salvation! This week she said, "So, the Bible is really like our handbook for life." He, he, he: YES! Some of the phrases she uses are ones that little 'ole grandmas taught me in Sunday School...yes, I sort of mocked them in my head...and now Chelsea is just coming up with them all on her own! I have a whole new appreciation for those phrases she's coming up with through studying God's Word!
3. This is quite silly, but I am SO thankful for computers! Please don't ever ask me to give even a slightly educated guess on how computers work: no idea here! But I love them, find them super helpful, and don't know what we'd do without one!
4. I am really thankful for my parents being able to come down for a long weekend with us. They love to help us out when we have activities at church...hopefully we'll be able to catch a date night next time!
5. I am thankful for a great chiropractor who has almost completely "fixed" the weird hand...arm...shoulder...carpal tunnel pain that was about to make me go looney! I'm thankful that God is opening doors for us to invite him to church. Please pray that he'll come to Willow Creek and most importantly that he'll come back to God (long story...but I think that's where he's at...). If you need a chiro, call me for the info. The only requirement is that you share Christ with him and invite him to church too!
6. You know how when something breaks, you realize how much you loved it and how thankful you were for it...well, that "thing" would be my wedding ring. Augh! When I got home from MOPS on Friday, I noticed that a diamond had fallen out. It was a weird day for me anyway on felt like I was fightly tears all day...happy tears, overwhelmed tears, grateful tears, tired tears, my grandpa died and won't be around at Christmas tears (Cecelia?) and then "lost money to fix it" tears. Cody did a great job picking out my ring twelve years ago; I still love it! It'll be watching me from the dresser now for awhile. Know any good ways to earn extra money?
7. Lastly, I'm thankful for this little guy...who's not so little anymore! We celebrated my nephew's "Gottcha Day" today! Nine years ago on Tuesday, my sister and brother-in-law finalized the adoption of Nathan. He is such a sweet boy and I can't imagine not having him in our family! I'm so glad we gottcha, Nathan!


Julie said...

So sorry about your ring:(
I'm praying for a snow day tomorrow too! People think I'm crazy but I love having my kids home and am glad to see there is another "crazy" mom out there!

Anonymous said...

That stinks about your ring! Do you want me to go to the church and hand sweep all the areas we were in for mops and hope to find it?? I totally would!
Im praying hard for a snow day tomorrow, I love baking with the kids all day! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!