Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Seven

It seems like December is just flying by too quickly! Our days and weeks seemed to be packed with fun activities, traditions, and endless shopping excursions...the one's with the list of hard to find items! We've enjoyed many opportunities, amidst the chaos, to share the true meaning of Christmas with our children and others that we've been around. That true meaning, the birth of our Savior, is what calms the chaos and joyfully puts the whole season in perspective!
1. I'm thankful that Cloe is so bold to share the meaning of Christmas with her friends at school. She shares Christ so uninhibited. I'm praying she will never lose that desire to share Jesus with her friends!
2. I'm really thankful for my parent's willingness to come for yet another weekend of Christmas fun! This time, Cody and I got to sneak out for a quick date!
3. So, on this date, I realized I'm thankful that I'm married to quite the germ.o.phobe. As Cody came back from the restroom, he was discretely pointing at the guy in front of him like "look at this guy!!!!" What, what?!? Yeah, he didn't wash his hands in the restroom...we watched as he went back to a beautiful girlfriend, held her hand, rubbed her shoulder, and kissed her...nice. We had quite the laugh as we played out who should take the hand santizer over to the guy... That's the type of fun you have after ten years of marriage!
4. I'm thankful that all the kids did a great job in the Christmas program! It's a little nerve wracking wondering if any of them will run off crying, do something inappropriate, or forget their line. Cloe especially did a great job with her little speaking part! She loved all the festivity of the night!
5. Who isn't thankful for the annual red apple and salted nut roll handed out after the Christmas program?!? Gotta love being a Baptist!
6. I'm really thankful for the time we've been able to spend with Caitlin lately. She is such a sweet girl! We're looking forward to celebrating her sister Chelsea's birthday tomorrow!
7. Lastly, I was really excited that I was going to be able to post that I was thankful Carson's asthma had not flaired up with this most recent weather change...but alas, the boy is wheezing again! I'm still thankful for the strides we had made, and we continue to pray that God will take away this asthma!
Have a great week! Enjoy all the Christmas celebrations that could only take place because of our Savior humbling Himself to be born as a baby! Merry Christmas!