Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Seven...Christmas Style

Every week I share seven things I'm thankful for on Sunday, but this week, I thought I'd shake it up a bit and share my seven top Christmas memories. Remember, I didn't say favorite memories...just the top seven. Here they are!
#1. When I was five years old, I woke up Christmas morning with chicken pox. Of course, my older brother and sister (but mostly brother) told me Santa had only brought me chicken pox for Christmas. That was pretty much the end of me liking the white bearded man. It was one itchy Christmas!
#2. The next year, we were celebrating Christmas Eve at our home with my grandparents. We had just finished unwrapping all of our gifts (yes, we always did all the gifts on Christmas Eve--lucky me!), when my dad looked out our front window and saw something funny glowing off the huge snow drifts. It was our chimney...on fire! Everyone got pretty animated as orders started flying out: Dad, "I'm going to the roof to throw snow on the fire." My Mom: "Mark, grab your new Bible! Grab your new Bible! Girls, grab your favorite gift, get your coats on and go outside NOW!" Later on, we laughed that my mom and yelled for my brother to grab his Bible, but never mind the envelope filled with cash from his employer next to it... In the midst of this, someone managed to call the fire department and they told us that they would not be able to make it out to our house because the roads were snowed shut, sorry. Nice, I know. I can't remember the specifics now, but somehow my dad did manage to "fight the fire" and it eventually burned itself out without spreading to the roof or anywhere in our house. We went back in our slightly smokey home. The next morning we when looked out the window, all of the snow surrounding our house was completely black. That was some exciting Christmas Eve!
#3. A few years later, I was practicing for the Christmas program that the tiny Christian school I attended was putting on. (By tiny, I mean less than 25 students, K-8. I was the only one in my grade.) Some moms were "building" the set with large pieces of cardboard and staple guns while we practiced the drama part. Suddenly, I felt a horrible piercing on my head near one of my temples. I immediately grabbed my face and said "OUCH!" Now this part gets quirky. The teacher told me to stop playing around and say my line. I was not a joker back then...pretty timid actually. I told her I had been hit by something sharp. She didn't really believe me until my friend told her I had two really red, swollen bumps. Sure enough, the mom stapling the cardboard together and fired a little hard and the staple flew through the cardboard right into my head. Nice memory, huh!
#4. I was in fourth grade when Cabbage Patch Kids came out. I wanted one soooooooo badly, but there was no way my parents were going to be able to buy me one. I opened my presents to find that my mom had worked diligently to sew me my very own Cabbage Patch Kid. Do you remember those? No offense mom, but those homemade dolls had to be the most ugly dolls ever created. I was crushed. Then I opened my presents from my brother and my sister--they were both college students at the time. TWO REAL CABBAGE PATCH KIDS!!!!! They had each saved their money and gone out to get me a REAL Cabbage Patch Kid. I had a boy and a girl! I knew right then I had the best siblings anyone could ever ask for! To add to the excitement, my other grandparents gave me exactly the right amount of money to purchase ANOTHER Cabbage Patch Kid. So, yes, I ended up with THREE REAL ONES! Can you tell, this still really excites me!
#5. This is a memory that happened virtually every year. Our little Baptist church in Estherville was very old and had a terrible problem with bats during the winter. It was very common to have a bat come swooping out on any given Sunday--especially during the singing. Of course, during the Christmas program, the bats really liked to put on a show. The classic set up was to have all of the small children (2 to 5 years old) all lined up in the front singing their little songs away when about 4 to 6 bats would just start swooping like crazy. The kids would try to keep singing...just a lot of crazy ducking whenever a bat would swoop close. Then a few dads would come tromping down the isle with tennis rackets and a couple fishing nets. They would whack the bats and then scoop them into the nets. The program would always go on. I know this sounds crazy, but it is completely true! Bats still creep me out!
#6. When I was a freshman at Faith, the chorale stood in an enormous star to sing our Christmas Concert. It was called the "Singing Star." Yes, it was pretty corny, but people came from all over to see this phenomenal Singing Star. Of course, our blue polyester dresses with pinned on lace colars just made it gorgeous. One of my friends had to take off her shoes while we were singing because they pinched her toes. The girl behind her started feeling pretty woozy, so she sat down...then had to lean forward to throw up...right in my friend's shoes. My friend was mortified but didn't think she should walk off the stage without shoes on, so she put the shoes back on her feet and sloshed on out of there. Isn't that completely gross?!?
#7. Fast-forwarding several years favorite Christmas memory is one that is being made. Our children have just embraced the songs, the festivities, the lights, the cookies, and most importantly, the true meaning of Christmas. I love hearing Cloe ask Santa if he will celebrate Jesus' birthday. I love seeing them ask to buy presents for friends and family that they just adore. I love hearing them sing of Jesus who came to earth as a baby, the lowliest of human form. He came to be our remedy. He came to be our Savior. He took the penalty of all sins that we might have a way to be made righteous in His Father's sight. My favorite memory is one that is to come...celebrating Jesus' birth with Jesus. Won't that be awesome?
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Jenn said...

I too really wanted a cabbage patch kid. I think my sister got the shaft and got the homemade one. I got Peggy Pumpkin. She had nubs for feet so her shoes wouldn't stay on, and her skin was made of pink cloth. She was store bought but not the real deal. No crack and no signature.