Friday, December 19, 2008

Today my Facebook status could be many things:
Londa is still in her pajamas.
Londa was so giddy that is was a snow day, she couldn't go back to sleep.
Londa has a huge batch of cut-out cookies to bake and frost.
Londa loves her children...even when they use their sleeve as a kleenex...gag!
Londa watched the Charlie Brown Christmas Special at least 20 times...good grief!
Londa wonders what the deal of the day will be at GAP today.
Londa is thankful for a free pass coming to Jolly Holiday Lights! (Thanks, Joy!)
Londa will not have two year olds in twelve days...weep, weep.
Londa thinks the new babies at church are pretty much the most adorable babies around!
Londa doesn't think you should read into this and think she's getting baby fever...
Londa has a secret Christmas present for Cody!
Londa happily enjoys date pinwheel cookies...even though no one else seems to like them at all...
Londa hopes she can figure out how to make a John Deere Tractor birthday cake!
Londa thinks snow is long as she's on the inside of somewhere really warm!
Londa must stop wasting time blogging and get to work!