Thursday, January 8, 2009

I realize I've been somewhat of a blogging bore as of late, but I thought today would be different. I thought today had something really exciting in store. I thought K-mart's double coupon sale was just going to make my week. I thought coupons were good things. I thought the clerk would smile and take all the items and coupons I had just laboriously spent over an hour getting all detailed and organized in the cart. I thought I would smile, hand her a small amount of cash, say thank you and return to my real life with bags full of great deals.
Well, it didn't nearly happen like that at all. It was pretty bad. Fine print rules...only available in store as the cash register (because who doesn't check out the rules of shopping at customer service before beginning?). It has caused a small headache to turn into a large knock-me-out one.
Sorry blogging friends. Maybe tomorrow creativity and excitement will return to the sneaky mommy. Hope to see you soon!
(And please don't shop at K-mart. They're on my D list today!)


peter marie said...

Oh NO!! What a dumb rule. Sorry that was such a bad experience--especially after all that work!
I think this calls for another trip to the mall. :)

Jenn said...

Yeah, same thing happened to me, but instead of figuring out which coupons didn't double and taking them off the bill I bit the bullet and just bought the stuff-less headache more buyers remorse. The stupider thing is Kmart's prices are already a little high it seems. You don't know what coupon is able to be doubled until they ring it up. At least that is what my cashier told me. Grrr. spent too much money. I really thought I was going to get $6 off a pack of diapers.
But I did finally get a christmas tree 75% off.

une autre mère said...

Oh that stinks so bad! I can feel your pain and embarassment. What a bunch of work for nothing! What good is "double coupon week" if you can only use their in-store ones that I'm sure are half of what a normal coupon would be? At least you were good enough not to get the stuff. I probably would've done what poor Jenn did just to save the hastle and then have to eat ramen noodles the rest of the month to make up for it!