Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just a little update...

Caitlin: She did great in surgery--so great in fact they couldn't do anything! The first diagnosis of endophyloma (? didn't show up in the dictionary, so I don't know if this is the right term) was completely wrong. The cyst on her ovary had corrected itself by disappearing and they didn't touch her ovary! Yeah!!! She will need to see a g.i. doctor when she heals a little to try and figure out the pain in her side...something to do with an irritated bowel maybe. So much better than losing an ovary! I think this could definitely be a God thing!
Me: Not that you need to know or care, but I have stinkin' strep throat so bad that it was spreading to my joints causing tons of pain in my hips and body aches. I.hate.strep.throat! This is my yearly bout of it...enough already! The kids just have mild cases. Thankfully we are all taking it easy today. I am washing all blankets, sheets, and towels in hot, hot water and pitching all toothbrushes. Tomorrow will be a big scrub down, clear out the germs day, hopefully!

Stay well!


Alisa said...

Awesome about Caitlin, but stinky for you! Sending some well wishes your way!