Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Seven

Oh, goodness! It's been forever since I've posted a recipe! We have had a couple of really great things that I promise to post as soon as I can. I my new camera but haven't quite figured out how to load them on to the computer...I feel like a grandma! Soon...I promise!
This week was a really, really great week! I thought it was going to be a very calm, quiet week of organizing closets and working at home, but it turned into a wild week of gallivanting around! (Please don't try to imagine me gallivanting...)
Here we go!
*I am so thankful that my sister lives so close! We had a great morning at the Science Center together with the kids! It's pretty cool that God has given us children that can be playmates and buddies considering we are not close in age (she's much, much older...she loves that too!).
*I am also thankful for God's provision of *bargains* at the mall! I knew we had been there too often this week when I held up a pair of pants for Cloe and McClain sweetly said, "Those are just beautiful!!!" He got quite a bit of attention from the people around me for that little quip!
*Snow! Yes, I am thankful for the snow! It looks beautiful and somehow tricks my mind into happier winter thoughts! The kids and I had a great time shoveling on Saturday. Cody had to be gone all day, so we all bundled up and enjoyed time in the white stuff! (I use the terms "we shoveled" pretty lightly...I'm certain they were working against me for part of the time! Good workout!)
*I am so thankful for the baptisms we had at church this morning! It was awesome to see four adults profess their faith in Christ and follow in obedience of baptism! So exciting!
*Caitlin! I think she's already made this list a few times! This morning Cody had the opportunity to baptize her. I am so thankful for Cody's heart to see people come to Christ! It was awesome to see him get to reap a blessing by doing his first baptism! AND, Caitlin's dad and sister, who had never been to our church, came to see her baptized! This was a total answer to prayer and huge blessing for Caitlin and us! They also came to our house for lunch and stayed most of the afternoon talking! God is definitely at work in this family! Her dad said he would love to try out the Willow Creek Cafe in Wednesday...bring it on! Please pray!!!!
(So that was three things, ok?)
*Lastly, I am really thankful that my mom and dad are coming down this week to help with MOPS and stay with our kids during a retreat Cody and I have. My mom always does one random, unmentioned cleaning thing for me...last time she completely scoured my microwave...the time before that she scrubbed down the kitchen floor...dusted the mini-blinds. It's always a secret, though. She doesn't broadcast it...just a nice surprise for me to find! (Please don't think my house is a dirty pit, now...I try hard!)
Hope you all have a great week too! Again, apologies for the picture-less, recipe-less blog...I'll kick in gear soon!