Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There's another name written down in glory...

and it's CHELSEA!!!
Last night at our Drake Bible Study, Cody was able to talk to Chelsea about trusting Christ as her Savior. It was so cool to hear how she had made a decision that she did believe in God and knew she wanted her life to count for Him more than for herself, but she had a few questions. Cody walked her through all of her questions. She was just beaming when we left...I love how God works in people's minds to give them understanding right in front of you!
Her demeanor and speech just radiate of someone who loves God and wants to please Him with her life! She feels really strongly that she needs to join Willow Creek because she heard Pastor Mike talk about cool!

Here are my two favorite girls! Sisters--found and saved by a gracious loving Savior!
*Caitlin is in surgery right now to remove a mass and one of her ovaries. Please pray for her! I had planned to be there with her for the day and have been up most of the night with a horrible sore throat, fever, body aches...augh! I know God always has a purpose in all situations...pray that Caitlin will come through great and that I won't be too frustrated hanging out with my ginormous tonsils and not being able to love on her!
I almost called some of my insomnia friends about 3:30 this morning, but my voice is too garbled to understand, so I guess you lucked out! :)


Jenn said...

I probably would have been up! Not due to insomnia on my part though :o)

peter marie said...

That's so awesome!!

Hope you feel better soon. That does not sound fun. If you're up early again maybe we could go eat ice cream at Perkins. Oh man, I shouldn't have said that. Now I really want ice cream!