Friday, January 23, 2009

What's wrong with me?

Whew! I cannot seem to kick whatever is going on in my head this week! I thought I was getting an ear infection, then a sinus infection, then maybe just a bad cold...who knows! Yesterday was a little better, so this morning I headed off to the chiro with great plans of stopping at the mall on the way home. I had the car all ready with the stroller, a few returns, a bag of snacks, small such luck. After the chiro appt. that feeling of being run over by a truck set in again, so we headed home.

Sorry for the lack of activity here this week! No exciting recipes to share--although the kids did eat asparugus and sliced tomatoes like they were going out of style last night! I may have a whole new world of recipes to explore! Well, I'm off to take more vitamin C and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea!


peter marie said...

Hope you're feeling better tonight! I didn't go to the mall either because I've been sleeping really badly and decided I just didn't have the energy. Man, we must really be out of our element...not much can keep us from shopping! :)

Have a great Saturday!