Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Day!

ELEVEN years ago today, Cody and I got engaged! I still remember it like it was yesterday! We went out to eat at Outback Steakhouse and went to the mall for awhile...just another date, right? (I even bought khaki bib overalls...nice style, huh!)
On the drive home, Cody "claimed" he needed to stop and use the restroom...glad to know that? It didn't seem odd at the time for some reason. We drove to the Simon Estes amphitheater by Embassy Suites, and Cody thought I should come with him...He grabbed a basket out of his trunk (yeah!) and we headed to a little bench by the river. He lit a candle--which actually stayed lit even though it was pretty windy! Then he got done on one knee and proposed! Of course, I said YES!!! Then I made him do it again so I could take a picture! We had a little homeless man come over and take our picture together! I'll try to scan it in soon...we were a pretty cute, frozen looking couple! The girls in my dorm had been tipped off to the night's big event, so the entryway was all decorated when I got back.
It's hard to believe eleven years has passed...I don't feel that much older! Cody did an awesome job of planning out the whole night and making it special! I love him!