Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday Fun!

The kids had their own little King's Cake. Here's Cloe looking for her king or queen!

Found her! (Funny how much excitement a little picture buried in a piece of cake can create!)

Queen for the night!
(Gotta love Burger King!)

My little boy without much of a sweet tooth didn't waste too much time in getting his king out!

My handsome little kings!

Now on to the party at Drake:

Ryan was the lucky king for the night!

Stephanie was the lucky queen for the night!

Ashley and her friend from ISU.

Aaron and Laura...the other "adults"

Steven and Chelsea...these two constantly crack me up!

The couch kids: Lindsey, Stephanie and Ryan.

***Insert here a great study of 1 Peter 3***
Read it--it's full of good stuff!

Really wild Mardi Gras games...tossing the beads!

The End.
(Do you think this piece will make it until breakfast? I hope so!)


une autre mère said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I used to make Kings Cakes for my French classes, but I never thought about making them for my kids! Isn't that terrible? We just might have to start that tradition too! Did you have any clever Mardi Gras games you'd like to share with me for our Friday party? I'm having trouble thinking of games that 36 people can play! Please let me know!!

peter marie said...


You're a great, creative mom. Thanks for all the ideas!