Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Seven

Today was my birthday! While celebrating with family and friends and having so many well-wishers on this day are special moments, the clicking away of years is somewhat depressing! I love my life and all the blessings God has filled it with. If this earthly life has been so amazing, I shouldn't be depressed with age, I guess! It does bring me just that much closer to an incredible eternity to be spent with Christ!
So, here are my seven things for this week:
I am really thankful for Cloe, McClain, and Carson! If someone would have told me I would have three kids this stinkin' cute (yes, I'm biased!) and this ridiculously funny, I wouldn't have believed them! They are truly the biggest blessings in our lives! By the way, I'll just apologize in advance if you've been asked about what body parts you have by our littlest monkey...we're working on that!
Today, I am especially thankful for my own brother and sister. I have the best ones of these, too! My sister is so incredibly encouraging and helpful! I can honestly say I have never had a fight with my sister...she's the best! I love her to pieces! Now fighting with my brother...maybe I could say I have never won a fight with my brother! I love him to pieces, too!
I'm thankful for a super fun date night spent with my super husband and some super cool friends! It was...super!
Saturday, I went to a get-together with other women who are involved with women's ministry at their church. It was refreshing to be with the ladies I knew and hear how they were serving the Lord. It also filled me with great joy about the ladies' ministries we already have at Willow Creek! I'm also thankful for being introduced to the mocha-mex...super yummy! You should try it!
I'm thankful for the fun-filled week we have in store! Cloe has the day off on Friday, so we're going to try to head somewhere fun with the whole family! (unless the person who sat behind me in church this morning happens to get their wish fulfilled for one last knock-out, drag down 50 mph wind, a foot of snow, shut the town down storm...I won't tell you who it was for fear of his life :)!)
Lastly, I'm thankful for all the cool people around me who were born in February! They are the best bunch of kids around! I'm thankful God placed me in this month so I could have a special commonous with you!
Have a great week! Stay tuned...I may have a guest blogger sharing an extraordinarry recipe!


une autre mère said...

I felt so bad that I didn't know it was your birthday when I saw you before church! I guess I haven't been on facebook for a few days. I'm glad you had a good one! Happy Belated Birthday!