Monday, March 2, 2009

It's never a good sign when the Poison Control lady calls you back and says, "I'm not feeling real comfortable with this situation anymore. I think you need to head on down to the emergency room." So, off we went! One "nice" thing about my children's "emergencies" is that they always seem to be the type of "emergency" that warrants a bypass of the waiting room. We were quickly whisked past a completely packed waiting room right into our own little room.
They hooked McClain up to a heart monitor and ran an EKG on his heart. Things were quite elevated. We spent a couple of hours just monitoring his heart and eventually things started to slow down. He did spike a low fever of 100.4. The doctor said his body was recognizing the "poison" and doing its job of burning it out. The workings of the human body never cease to amaze me! God's handiwork displayed again! Thankfully we didn't have to have any charcoal for the poison either.
We had an incredibly nice paramedic helping us. He really took a liking to McClain, too! As we were leaving, he pulled out a special chief sticker from his fire department. McClain proudly displayed it on his chest the whole way out and was whispering to himself, "I got a sticker from a real fireman. I gotta tell Carson. I got a sticker from a real fireman. I gotta tell Carson. I got a sticker from a real fireman." He came home, ran up to his room and put it on his brother's shoulder so he wouldn't feel sad in the morning that he didn't meet the real fireman.
So I guess the lessons learned here: drink small viles of medicine--get a cool sticker from a real fireman...and mom and dad will be storing all medicine at the neighbor's house. Good grief!


une autre mère said...

Wow! Sounds pretty scary! I'm glad he's doing fine. What an exciting night for you guys! And don't worry - we all know you're an excellent mom. Your boys are just geniuses!

Julie said...

That's little boys for you:) Good thing they are sooo darn cute. Glad to hear everything is okay!

Jessica said...

So glad to hear he is okay! I am glad you posted because I was thinking about you guys. From now on the Albuterol is hiding at our house too!!

Following The Fosters said...

glad he's ok! scary! boys get into everything!