Saturday, March 28, 2009

Opinions Needed!

Normally, I'm a pretty plain 'ol earth tones and sepia photo loving type of girl, but I recently discovered a new photo editing software. I'm kind of being drawn toward this "boost" effect. What do you think?

There are these bright, vibrant photos.

Then there are these nostalgic photos.
Which style should go up in the hallway?
Could I mix and match the styles or would that be tacky?

Either way, it'd be fun to still be here!


peter marie said...

Awesome! I think you could do a mix. I used to be all about black and white, but I'm getting back into colored photos now and I love how they look so vibrant! You'll have to post a picture of how it turns out.

Jenn said...

I do like the bright vibrant photos, I always like beach photos in color for some reason. So maybe a mix because they both look good.

Jenn said...

What photo editing software did you use?