Thursday, March 12, 2009

Since Monday night, I've totally had one of these:

Today, Cody strongly suggested that I should suck it up and go to the doctor. It wasn't a sore throat--just literally a terribly painful lump right on my Adam's apple. I went to a walk-in clinic (boys still in their pj's--I thought we might get in faster if we looked really pathetic). I had a wonderful new doctor who quickly ruled out my fears of some thyroid problem and found that the little pieces of cartilage around my adam's apple were horribly inflamed. He questioned all my activities to check for some sort of injury. Bingo: a chiropractor appointment on Monday where he adjusted my neck. It was with the guy from MOPS, so now I feel weird about going back to him... I'm on BIG doses of steroids to nab the inflammation and pain quickly--it also causes serious jitters! You should see me packing...I'm like lightning! Hopefully they'll work or I'll just be freakishly strong and fast for the next five days!

READ THIS's too funny!


une autre mère said...

Are you sure you just don't have a goiter in your neck? jk... that sounds pretty wierd. What did that man do to you!? I hope it goes away soon. Or maybe not since you get to be on steroids - you'd better take advantage of that! :) Also, loved the link to the "sound guy neck crane." I've always wondered why everyone looks at the sound guy when stuff goes wrong. Do they think he doesn't know and by staring at him he'll figure it out?