Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Seven

This morning in church, Pastor Mike spoke on Memories that Last. Here are a few memories that I am thankful for:

I'm really thankful for this fun memory! On vacation, we all loved a fun little shop called Kitty Hawk Kites. Cody bought a stunt kite and got pretty skilled at it...I think the beach atmosphere helped! I have to be pretty thankful for his example of patience and endurance, too! We were waiting in line for a ferry to take us back to another island, so Cody decided to fly his kite on another beach. The ferry arrived about 40 minutes early and started loading vehicles. We were afraid we were going to miss it, so Cody grounded the kite and just grabbed the string up as fast as he could. It all ended up in a horrible, huge knot. We went back to the store to grab some new string and they were all out. It was pretty funny hearing Cody telling the kite guy how the knot happened, "I was about to be left by a ferry..." I think Dave giggled first and then the rest of us followed! That night, for about three or four hours, Cody and Dave worked meticulously to undo the massive knot. It was pretty amazing to watch them both working so diligently at such an overwhelming mass of string, yet never lose their patience. I'm thankful that my boys have just awesome examples to follow (especially because I know they have "knots in their kites" someday!).
After seeing Abby and her beautiful little Harper last week, I couldn't help but be thankful for my own memory of our baby girl! I'm realizing that loving my children is similar to loving Cody--just when I don't think I can love them anymore, my heart just keeps stretching and that love keeps growing deeper and deeper! I'm so proud of the little lady that Cloe is becoming and so prayerful that she will continue to love God and always live for His Glory!
The memories with these little butterballs are often cluttered with thoughts of the tiredness and a stranded helpless feeling, but I want to preserve the memory of being overwhelmingly blessed. There's nothing quite like looking at two little people and having them both grin from ear to ear right back at you. God truly blessed us with happy, content little boys! I am so thankful for McClain and Carson!

I know this is suppose to be a Sunday Seven, but here it is, actually Tuesday evening and this is just getting posted! I have more great memories to share, and one very special one has an anniversary coming on Easter Sunday. So, I'm leaving it at three this week but more are coming!