Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garage Sale Funnies

This weekend, we had a super successful garage sale! It was bitter sweet to see all my babies' clothing fly out of the garage like hot cakes!
Our family always has a fun time hanging out in the garage during the sale. We make a big deal and get out everyone's lawn chairs, have little cans of Sprite, and Cody brings us donuts on Saturday morning! It's quickly turned into a fun, annual tradition!

It was also highly comical to listen to people coming in and out... Here are my favorite quotes:

Don't touch that, Michael Scott!
(I'm not kidding! A mom said this to her little 1 year old son! You probably can guess what I wanted to say so badly!)

Oh, this garage sale is so good to the earth. Thank you! (deep breath) Ahh, it's just so nice of you to do this for our earth.
(This lady was holding her arms out and breathing deeply in our garage. It sort of creeped me out!)

Girl #1: Do you need this bath seat?
Girl #2: No, I have one of those bimbo things that I'll just throw it in the tub. That's alright isn't it?
(Wow, please let me adopt this baby. I don't think it's safe to leave this mom alone with a baby. Bimbo? Did you mean bumbo? I think the "bimbo" part is what got her in this predicament. Ouch.)

You think this will fit me?
(no! no! no! She bought it anyway.)

How much is your tv? $5 You want $10 instead of $5? umm...sure?
(This guy must have really wanted to get rid of his cash...he did only give us $5 though.)

Hope you found those little quips funny.
We have really been enjoying the beautiful weather!
Spring is welcomed in this house!
We're loving the sunshine!
Have a great week!


une autre mère said...

Thanks for the laughs this morning! One of the things I love most about garage sales is observing all the interesting people (and catching all the tag-switchers!). I loved the "bimbo" seat. Sounds a little dangerous to me...

Alisa said...

laughing - great post! :) (and impressive camera cake!! Your skills never cease to amaze me)

Jenn said...

Ever since you wrote "bimbo" seat I keep stumbling and that almost slips out. I guess we are done with our "bimbo" seat now since Dane gets out on purpose.