Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

The Easter Extravaganza!
Colorful plastic eggs filled with candy?
This was too good to be true!

What do you mean we have to eat pizza and a cookie?
We have a basket here completely filled with candy!

Chelsea got baptized!!!
(dunking #2 for Cody...maybe #3 will be their dad!)

Cheezer A
Sweet little blue eyed boy!

Cheezer B
This pose was totally on purpose.
It also drives home the point that the boy needs a little trim.

The traditional Lemon Crumb Cake...this year with strawberries in the middle!

Oooo...a psychedelic ring!
Nothing beats the grins on these little faces when they receive exciting gifts from Grandma!

Hunting for more they're professionals.
Go for the eggs, get more candy!

The grown up candy hunt. It got a little dangerous with five grown ups racing around for candy hidden in high places!

The Grand Finale!
There's still one piece left in the's calling my name!


une autre mère said...

LOVE the boys' Easter outfits! They look so dapper. Better warn them to watch out for the Brooks girls!

Jenn said...

Your kids are so cute! I love there excited faces at all the easter treats!