Friday, May 29, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

Here's a quick recap of some pretty exciting events!

Yesterday, I picked up this Beijo bag at a garage sale for $2! I got home and went to the Beijo bag website--it retailed for $95! So, here's the question: do I keep it or try and sell it for profit on craigslist or ebay? Let me know what you think!
Next, we headed to Christopher's Fine Jewelry to try and hock off some old gold. My sister-in-law got an awesome trade-in awhile back, so I had to try it! This is my weird class ring--who doesn't want to hold on to a stone lapped in gold with Estherville written on it!?! (Actually, I truly wish I had my sister's class ring--they goofed and put our masots name on the ring instead of her name, so it said "MIDGET" on it. That would just be funny to wear!) Anyway, I had three old cheap rings (one was from my high school best friend's ex-boyfriend; she gave it to me when they broke up!) and three old nasty brownish gold chains that I didn't even know were really gold but had to try. The total for trade in: $180!!! Isn't that crazy! I'm so going to be looking for nasty gold jewelry at garage sales!

This picture is from my big savings trip to Target a week ago, but several people have asked about the coupon deals at Target. Here's my trick: I'm always on the lookout for coupons. Target is absolutely the best when it comes to coupons! They will take a manufacturers coupon and a Target coupon for the same item. It happened to be an excellent "stacking" week! I always check and to find more coupons! It's worth the time and effort! I'm even beginning to see a trend with coupons for organic foods! Yeah! If you have more questions, give me a hollar! I love saving money and seeing the rewards of coupons!

This is Cloe enjoying her most favorite birthday present! Sorry if you got her something else, she really loves those gifts too! This one just happened to steal her heart and give her some great entertainment for over an hour.

Here's the finished product! I love it!

Lastly, I got to join Cloe at the park for lunch today! The kindergarten classes were on a field trip to the library and fire station in Waukee, and parents could meet up with the class at lunch time. I love watching Cloe interact and play with her classmates, but the best feeling of all is that she still loves to hold her mom's hand, sit by me at lunch, and give me lots of hugs and kisses while we're together! She's the best little girl in the world! I can't wait for summer vacation to begin!
Have a great weekend!


peter marie said...

You know me...I would totally sell it on CL for a profit! :) I bought a toddler travel bed for 2.50 at a garage sale and sold it for 30. BUT, it's a really cute purse so if you keep it I wouldn't blame ya!
Looks like the party was tons of fun. Wish we could have gone!