Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just bobbin' around...

The other day I poked my head out the door just in time to catch the boys racing up the sidewalk like this. The really funny part is that Carson (2 pounds lighter and 2 inches smaller) is the one giving McClain (our big lug) a ride. They were giggling and having a blast! I love summer time!

...these were on the grill out back. We love grilling, and we love kabobs! Kabobs are so simple and are an easy way to serve up fresh vegetables in a way the kids think is fun! These are steak, yellow, orange, red and green peppers, and onion kabobs just seasoned with a little black pepper, garlic, and sea salt.Our side dish was a potato packet. We got this idea a long time ago from my sister-in-law, Katie. We just cube up some potatoes, season as desired, and plunk it on the grill.

Voila!And a steamy voila! I thought the steam added a cool effect!

So, happy summer!
Hope you're grill is going and you're kids are giggling!


Following The Fosters said...

ooh yum! hey what kind of steak do you buy when you do kabobs? ive been wanting to do some but im totally at a loss when it comes to steak!