Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

Memorial Day Weekend was a lot of fun for our family!
The kids and I headed out to Okoboji on Friday as soon as Cloe got out of school.

Our first stop was in Estherville to visit my Grandma Reed. We all love her so much! She always has a stash of treats and toys for the kids. They also love to take her for a spin in her wheelchair.
Next we headed to Okoboji to meet up with my parents and sister's family at the campground. It was a short night...
...this is our mom on a mission. She yanked us all out of bed at 6 am to head off to garage sales around the lakes. I'm not a morning person. It was raining. I was not pretty, literally. Thankfully, my dad's got my back, and we finally found our way to a coffee shop. Praise Jesus! seriously. We did find a few good things, but mostly just teased my mom about her energizer bunny excitement for these sales.Later on, we headed over to the Vic's Corner Flea Market. It's fun to browse through all sorts of antiques. I also found out I have a quite a few antique heirloom dishes that have a pretty price tag on them!

Everyone loved roasting marshmellows! Carson is enjoying his new chair, the bonfire, and the sweet treats that all come with camping!
The boys' favorite thing to do in the camper was to peak their head out and hollar, "Hey people!"
On Sunday, we headed back to Estherville for church and another quick visit to Grandma Reed. She was "tickled pink", as she would say, to have all the great grandkids loving on her.
I wish I were a better photographer because this picture just doesn't to justice to how beautiful the Dickinson County Court House looked for Memorial Day. It was surrounded by flags and blossoming trees. Kind of brought out some deep patriotism to see this and put into remembrance the sacrifices that have been made so we can live in a free country.Back at the camper, we had all sorts of fun blowing bubbles!
Carson found this special rock and requested that his sister "paint it beautiful" for him. I love that the boys adore their sister and admire the things she enjoys! The rock is already painted and setting pretty by the front door.This little missy had a big surprise for all of us: she hopped on one of the little bikes my dad had brought along and just took off without any training wheels. Who knew? I had been dreading those first spill when the training wheels come off, but she just took off like it was the most natural thing in the world! Good job, Cloe!!! Family Bingo! The resort we stayed at had family Bingo every night. My parents really enjoyed having all the kids along to play. We didn't win any prizes, but it was a fun outing!The boys loved playing on the caboose at the play area.I know this seems to be the only pose that I ever take of all three kids...I like it! Okoboji was still a little chilly, but the kids loved stomping around in the sand and shallow water.The lake had a great breeze for flying the stunt kite! Here's the handsome kite flyer. I love him!
Carson was telling Grandma and Grandpa that he wanted to stay with them forever.My little lovey boys!
Pretty girl in front of some beautiful old steps.
My mom told us these steps are probably around 100 years old. They use to have a taxi service across the lake so people could more easily commute around Okoboji and Spirit Lake.
I wish we had been with a real photographer (Chris?) here to capture it better, but Cloe still loved posing for me!The drive home!
All that fun sure wore us out! You can see Cody following us, too!Here's one happy, content momma! The camping trip was a fun success!


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Glad you guys had a fun time!