Monday, May 11, 2009

Playing catch-up

Spring always seems to get crazy busy, and before I know it, the months are flying by too quickly! We've had some exciting events lately, so here's a bit of catch up!

Last Saturday, we had a Ladies Retreat with our church gals. I love to see what excitement Cody has created with the kids while I'm gone. This time, I came home to find my boys all decked out...scooters and helmets!
Future X-Game Professionals...

Big Grins!!
Next, we had a very traumatic fall. Cloe stumbled on the sidewalk on her way home from the school bus stop. I thought by the screaming and wailing I was hearing that she was being kidnapped or something. She kept that sobbing going for a good hour..."why did this have to happen, this is my first big owie, why did this have to happen, it hurts so, so bad, I'll never be able to walk again..."

Ouch! It's complimented by her bruise from a fall off her new scooter.
Oh, what wonders rainbow band-aids can do! (and a good strong dose of Tylenol!)
A little piece of injury artwork!

The boys had their first visit to the dentist and passed with flying colors!

Who wouldn't with these stellar glasses on!
McClain was the model little boy in the chair. He sat so still and kept his mouth open super big.Carson did quite well, too. Although, they kept referring to his tongue as "Curious George".
It was fun to see them handle this first dentist visit with such courage. I love that my children don't seem to be scared of doctors! It makes life so much easier!

Now you have it...that's what we've been up to!
Pictures from the Tulip Festival to come soon!