Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Seven

It's been a really long time since I've posted a Sunday Seven! I'm not sure how much of April I completely seemed to go by in a quick flash super packed with all sorts of activities! I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit in May--hopefully!
We have enjoyed a lot of time with family, and I am so thankful for their love for Christ! I'm thankful that I can relax when our families are around knowing that I don't have to fear a negative, godless influence on my kids. (unless you count endless amounts of candy from grandma!)
Speaking of family, I'm pretty head-over-heels in love with our little brood! I'm thankful that the boys have totally conquered the potty training bit (we can shop in confidence now!) and have moved on to scooters and gardening! I'm also thankful that Cloe has also taken to her new scooter so well! Today she was cruising up and down the sidewalk with our new neighbor girl who is 16 years old. It looked funny size-wise but also made me realize how quickly Cloe is going to be the 16 year old leading another little girl. sob, sob... You'd realize why I'm thankful for this scooter business if you ever saw me trying to conquer any athletic sort of feat. I can really only ride a bike...yeah me! Speaking of bikes, I'm pretty thankful for the new bike I was able to get with my garage sale money! It's the pink Schwinn Roxie cruiser from Target! Check it out:I've got a pretty sweet ride now!
To complete my list of our family, I'm really thankful for Cody! I'm thankful that he loves working at Willow Creek and takes our kids along to teach them about loving people, too! They got to "help" run sound and lights for a kid's program practice on Saturday and go visit an older lady in a nursing home. I'm thankful that Cody is always teaching our children to look at people through eyes of grace...what has God done in their lives, how has He provided for them and how we can show love to them. Lastly, I'm thankful that Cody is always watching out and caring for my needs. Today, when Carson shared that for lunch he really wanted to go home and have mommy cook, Cody replied, "Mommy does not cook on Sundays!" That really means a lot to this stretched out mom!
So, there you have it! What are you thankful for? I've realized that writing these seven things puts me in a grateful state of mind for the week--what a great way to start!


peter marie said...

That bike is awesome!

I'm thankful for you!:) Thanks for all the work you put in for MOPS and our retreat and your behind the scenes work you always do on Sundays. You certainly had a busy few days. Hope you can relax some this week!!

Jenn said...

Thanks for all your hard work in helping put together the ladies retreat. I feel like I got alot out of it and it was in an awesome place too!
We don't have matching blogs anymore:o( I just realized a couple weeks ago, not sure how long they matched I am sure you had yours first that is probably why I liked it. Maybe I can get a pretty pink bike too??

Anonymous said...

Londa, I love your blog. Thanks for the encouragement. As for the recipe I left you on Facebook, do not feel obligated to clog your family's arteries with it just because I bothered to send it. I know it's so bad for you, but boy is it yummy. :) Have a lovely rest of the week!