Friday, May 15, 2009

The Tulip Festival

A week ago today, we were in Pella amongst tons of beautiful tulips, like these! I love the Tulip Festival! It is one of our very most favorite family traditions! Cody and I started going when we were in college...crazy how different the car ride sounds now! The Dutch pastries are still just as yummy, though!

My three babies! I was a little apprehensive about the Tulip Festival this year. Cody had a meeting and wasn't able to come with us, but thankfully, everyone kept it together, remained obedient, and we had a great time!My little monkeys! It was really fun to watch them hang! It probably won't be so fun when they hang from the top of the tree!

Every picture is a glamor shot when you're six years old!

Cloe really wanted to take a few pictures. I think she got the hang of it pretty well! She also took the picture at the top! Of course, now she would like her very own camera...
There you have it...a super fun day!