Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kindergarten from beginning to end!
Seeing these pictures next to each other made me a little emotional as I realized how quickly times flies and how fast Cloe is growing into a little lady! I pray that the examples we are setting and the training we are giving her will lead her to live a life for Christ's glory! I couldn't ask for a sweeter, more loving little girl! I pray that God will continue to keep her heart tender and compassionate!
This week, she has been earnestly praying that her friends from school will come to Vacation Bible School. I had emailed the moms and gotten all "no" responses. Cloe was disappointed, but she didn't quit praying. Today, I got an email that one of the moms changed her mind and her daughter will be there in the morning! What a cool thing for Cloe to see God answer her prayers!
As much as I would love to keep Cloe "little", I love seeing her grow and learn about God. Every "stage" has been my "favorite" so far; I can't wait to see what God has in store next!