Sunday, June 28, 2009

The last day in Florida, we got up SUPER early to see the sunrise. This is probably one of only a handful of sunrises I have ever purposely tried to see in my lifetime! It was beautiful!
It's about 6:00 am here...the police were sweeping the beach to clear off all the homeless people and bums before the "elite" started hitting the beaches for their morning run. It was an interesting sight.
Now it's 6:10...the colors were getting so brilliant!It's up...but hidden by a few clouds!Ahhh...6:30 and beautiful!
Enjoying an awesome cup of coffee with this great guy!An amazing breakfast sandwich...probably big enough to feed our entire family! Fresh sourdough bread, smoked ham, two eggs, cheese, and a thick slice of a juicy ripe tomato: yum!!!
Our server insisted on taking our picture. He had a really sad story...50 year old guy who moved to Ft. Lauderdale twenty-five years ago, still working in a restaurant, never has found love--shared that it's tough to be single in our society, and that we will appreciate having each other even more as we grow old. He was super talkative...I thought we should bring him home to Willow Creek and hook him up...
Good-bye Florida! The beaches were absolutely gorgeous and our time together was so relaxing and fun! It was a wonderful way to celebrate ten years of marriage! XOXO