Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The trip to Key West:
Once upon a time, a boy and girl hopped in a convertible and took off on a three hour trek to the most southern point in the continental United States.
The driving conditions were beautiful..and hot! Iced coffees were plentiful!
They passed a cool little island that was connected to the old bridge. It was a beautiful, quaint island, but a little creepy to see the bridge drop off near the end.
Upon arriving in Key West, the two hopped on a Conch Trolley Tour and viewed many beautiful homes around the island and learned a lot of history.
This home won a plaque for the best restoration project. It was very beautiful!They made it to the Southernmost Point...only 90 miles away from Cuba. Unfortunately, the Trolley couldn't stop, so they took a picture of some other nifty people enjoying the sites.

The next stop was made at the Blond Giraffe. The couple had seen the Blond Giraffe featured on one of the Food Network's Shows. The lady who started the shop had come over from the Bahamas and had a very cool story of hard work and determination. She had a cool verse from Nehemiah posted over the door.
Mmmm....the boy was happy to try this cold treat!The girl was giddy with excitement for a Key Lime Treat! It was a yummy treat for both!
Next, the couple set off on a new adventure: snorkeling and a sunset cruise. You'll have to try hard not to be jealous of their amazing gear...
The water was so clear and beautiful! The couple enjoyed swimming around a large corral reef with many tropical fish, jelly fish, and even a small shark or two!After snorkeling for awhile, the sails were set and the boat headed back to land.The clouds and sea were so pretty!

Other boats were enjoying the beautiful evening.
The couple wondered what it would be like to live here on the island! What a beautiful spot to live!The coupled ended their adventure with a lovely sunset and three hours later arrived back at their little abode to rest up for another day of adventures!


Jenn said...

I am loving all your pictures of Florida! Looks like you guys had a great time!

peter marie said...

Holy Cow! You guys had like the best vaca ever. Glad you took advantage of your time away and did so much fun stuff!