Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yes, that's my new self-given title.

I got a letter from Cloe's school yesterday: "Thank you for volunteering to be the Classroom Coordinator for Mrs. W's first grade class. You will be responsible for planning and running all classroom parties..."

Last year, Cloe's room had a team of six moms planning the parties, so I shot an email off to Mrs. W to see who all I would get to work with. No other parents volunteered. I guess school parties lose some thrill after kindergarten.

So, time to get my creativity flowing...that just means I'll be lurking around all sorts of blogs and websites. I'm a copycat at heart. Nothing new here, I just do what others do!

Stay tuned: I'll be sharing all my party ideas in the next few months! I think this is going to be a lot of work, but with a tiara on, I can accomplish this. Right?


Julie said...

Been there done that...for the last 4 years. You can totally do it:) I'll have to try and remember some of the crafts we did.

Anonymous said...

so glad you will be doing that first and I can copy all of your ideas for the years to come!!1

peter marie said...

Can I please help you make all the adorable cupcakes and party favors? I'm sure it will keep you busy....but it sounds like a lot of fun. :)