Saturday, September 26, 2009

Do you ever wish your words were like a breath that you could just suck back in? You know, when good intentioned words start going bad, you could just quickly gasp and they would all be gone.nope.nadah.nah.

Last week, I was talking to a kind man at church who always says the phrase "love it" in a really funny monotone deep voice. We've latched on to that phrase at our house, and our kids are always saying "love it" to whatever it is they like at the moment. We think it's pretty funny. I thought it would be nice to tell this man at church that we love his catch phrase and even our kids say it all the time. As I'm telling him this, he replies, "Hmmm. Do I say love it a lot? I never noticed that. So I have a phrase...ok." Awkward! I really wanted to dig a hole at that specific moment! Suck those words right back in. "No, no, it's really a good thing. We think it's really cool." Back pedal.faster.faster.faster.

So, Cody was talking to this man on Wednesday, and he started to tell Cody about something cool and where he normally would have said love it, he said, "Yeah, I (pause) like that a lot." Ahhh! I think I've ruined him from ever using his phrase again!

Does this ever happen to you?


Following The Fosters said...

oh sad! haha...i read this out loud to corbin...we've both definately had moments like that!

une autre mère said...

What? Me stick my foot in my mouth? Never.

Okay, so that's a lie.... In fact just a few nights ago when I was doing a jewelry party, a lady was talking about how they used to have to wear belts to keep their "female hygiene" products in place. So I belted out, "Wow, I'm so glad I'm not THAT old!" It was only after I said it, of course, that I realized how offensive that sounded. If only we could "unsay" things.

And, by the way, if I were that man, I would be honored that you copied me. :)