Friday, September 4, 2009

Flashback Friday

There's a reason I'm always oogling over all of my friend's cute babies...
it's because I miss mine!

Oh those sweet cheeks!
They were constantly red because
we couldn't help but kiss them often!
That little smile was just so easy to come by!
Happy, sweet girl!

These boys have been my greatest adventure so far!
This picture was so telling of the future...McClain possibly getting into mischief and Carson scowling at him...mostly because he wants to be doing it too.
What fun to carry two at once.
Those little leggies were so soft and round!
They were generous with the smiles and love, too!

And there you have it...a walk down my memory lane!


Summer said...

Aww I am the same way.. very nostalgic over my 'babies' being so big now. I'm also thankful for home movies I took over the years- I could never remember the things that movies capture, in my mind!
Very cute babies :)

Jenn said...

You have some beautiful babies. I forgot how stinkin cute they were! They still are. Thanks for sharing

Debbi said...

Awwww. Your babies had the cutest kissable cheeks & squishable legs! Thanks for sharing.

une autre mère said...

Your babies were beautiful! And still are, of course. Makes me want to treasure every minute of this last newborn of mine even more!