Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Loose Tooth!

Today I got to enjoy a very blissful hour of solitary errand running. It was so refreshing! Don't get me wrong, my kids are all great shoppers, but the territory you can cover without tag-alongs is quite impressive! (I got the last $4 pair of Target lime green sandals...sorry for being a copy-cat, Willow girls!)
Just as I was heading home, I got a phone call:
Cloe: Mom???

Yes, Cloe.

Cloe: I have a loose tooth! You know how I had that tooth on the top I thought was loose so I was biting into a carrot like you told me to to make it more loose and now I have a real loose tooth. It's on the bottom. It really is loose! It wiggles!!!! (Squeal!!!)

That's great Cloe! I'm almost

Sure enough, that bottom center left tooth is seriously wiggly. The conversations about this tooth have just been cracking us up all afternoon.

*Mom, if the tooth fairy can't find us, can you just go ahead and give me the money?
*S0, how much do teeth cost? Am I getting like quarters or dollars? (like quarters, sweetheart!)
*Oooo, if I lose this tooth at school, I get to wear a plastic tooth necklace to hold the tooth until I get home! (ew!)
*Do I have to use the money from the tooth fairy to buy my new tooth? (Why, yes indeed. That's a fabulous idea!)
*After telling Cloe that having her lose a tooth would make me feel so old and she is just growing up too quickly, she assured me, "I'll visit you yearly, mom!" (Wow, so generous with your time there, little girl!)
*Mom, I'm sorry I'm out of bed. I was just drawing a picture of myself without a tooth so I'll be ready for what I'll look like. (Nice excuse, drama queen!)

I am feeling quite sentimental about having a child old enough to be losing teeth! However, the comedy of it all is bringing enough smiles to make this all worth letting her grow up...just a little bit!


peter marie said...

That's so sweet!! She has got to be the funniest little girl we know.

FYI on should check out Kohl's too...there were some really cute ones for under $3.

Summer said...

Exciting!! Those first ones are such a fun experience. And the pictures after each tooth is gone- really fun!

I think for each tooth she's lost, I've left a different amount. (I mean, the tooth fairy left...)
Some were a couple quarters, and a few were a 1 dollar bill!

Autumn lost 6 from last fall to this fall, so I'm sure Cloe will loose them right after each other, too.
Have fun with it!

Following The Fosters said...

thats so cute! i love all her questions!

Jenn said...

Cloe is so funny and adorable! I love your stories!