Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Theme Song

Everyone in our family loves to sing Mighty to Save.
It's like our family theme song.
Anytime the kids are getting restless in the car, we just put on Mighty to Save, and they all perk right up.
Today I decided to try and capture the cuteness of the boys singing all the words.
I didn't quite get what I was going for from Carson, but listen closely at the end.
Crack me up!
We are always getting a kick out of McClain!
(that's his sincere voice, too!)
Hope you smile, too!


peter marie said...

That's hilarious! Is that McClain's old man voice?

So cute. I want to capture Henry singing too. Something I'm sure they will love when they are older.

Okay, we have to watch it again. Henry loves seeing his friends!