Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Super Saturday!

Saturday was a beautiful day!

Best of all, we got to spend the whole day together as a family!

Now that school has started,
this little lady *loves* family days!
She also loves "dip eggs".

Breakfast at Baby Boomer's Cafe was the perfect start to our day!

It happened to be the Grand Re-opening at the Baby Boomer's Cafe's new location. There was even a camera crew from channel 8 news. They taped forever on the kids, but we didn't make a claim to fame in the 30 second news clip. Better luck next time!
Baby Boomer's is "famous" for a campaign visit from Barack Obama. The boys are enjoying their newfound knowledge of things that Cloe "teaches" them from school. Carson was very excited to share that our President is Barack O'buddha. Close, little man, but no cigar.
We walked around the East Village and enjoyed a little window shopping.

Next, we headed toward the interstate only to be lurred in by an OPEN sign in the most anticipate coffee shop in Des Moines...ever.
We have been waiting for this Smokey Row to open since I was prego with the boys! (three.and.a.half.long.non.smokey.years.)
They were having a "soft opening" during the Sherman Hills Tour of Homes.
This meant free coffee drinks!
The three year wait quickly was forgiven!

Love the layout and roominess!
Perfect to hang out...with kids!

Sioux City Cream Soda
just brings out the charm in this little girl!

For a brief moment, I pretended I was alone on a hot date just with this handsome guy. It was nice.

Then I remembered I was sharing a bench with these little goobers.
My spot in sharing the *complimentary* vanilla malt was taken by some little ice cream loving schmoozer! It was so stinkin' cute, I got over it pretty quickly!

We headed home for some quick naps to re-engergize for the Light the Night Walk for Lymphoma/Leukemia.
It was a super exciting night to support Uncle Cory.

Cancer free Uncle Cory, that is!

We joined up with another gal from church who is cancer free now, too.
I think I had a constant lump in my throat for at least as hour as I looked at all the people carrying white balloons--signifying "Cancer Survivor". It was also sobering to see the yellow balloons in memory of those who had lost the fight to cancer. We all carried red balloons as supporters. A pretty spectactular sight of thousands of sparkly, lit up balloons--each with a story of a family that has walked or is currently walking down the road of cancer. I think it choked me up because I realized how grateful I am for the sustaining grace, mercy, and love of my Savior! I know there were days Cory felt completely awful and could have chosen to question the Savior's plan for His life. Yet, JESUS CHRIST sustained him, carried him, and delivered him from the cancer. I'm so proud of Cory's testimony through his cancer!

As we walked with our flickering balloons, there were at least a dozen hot air balloons lining the way that would fire up and light the sky with their beautiful balloons! It was amazing...and slightly hot! I'm glad I wasn't sitting in one of the baskets!

We ended the night with the funniest thing I think I've ever seen Cory still makes me giggle and smile...he's our cancer survivor!


peter marie said...

Cute layout!! :)

Was that your first time to Baby Boomer's? Did anyone have a pancake? They are the best! I didn't realize they had opened their new location yet...we'll have to go.

Looks like a GREAT weekend!

Following The Fosters said...

love love love the new layout! sounds like you guys had a great family day! i love days like that with my men!

Amanda said...

Wow!! What an amazing days events... some glorious...some sobering... most beautiful!!

Great post!

Many blessings-