Thursday, September 17, 2009

We had a special milestone in our family on Sunday.
Cloe found her memory verse in her Bible and read it aloud with no help!
I love it!

I also had a super humbling moment this week...
All three kids started AWANA! As I was registering them, I realized that we were going to have quite a hefty charge just for the books, dues, and vests. Hefty to the tune of $82.50. Yes, eighty-two dollars and fifty cents for three kids to participate in AWANA. It was one of those "well, we'll just figure this out" moments on Sunday. Cody and I talked and then made arrangements to pay it at the next payday (just the end of this week).
On Wednesday, as I checked the kids into their classes, one of the AWANA gals said, "Go ahead on in. Everything's been taken care of." Whoa...i was completely stunned, humbled, grateful, and had to just freeze that lump in my throat from turning into tears. In the past, someone had taken care of Cloe's AWANA expenses, but with three kids we thought it would probably end (yes, we of little faith!). How humbling to know that someone cares for my family and looks out for us in such a great tangible way. My heart is completely filled with gratitude! It's hard not knowing who this generous person is--I want to give them a huge hug! Yet--it motivates me to look for ways be sneaky generous to someone else!