Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm not one to wish away the time, but let's just say, I am glad this week is over! It's not one I would like to repeat! If I may throw just a little pity party: I was the sickest sicky you ever did meet (along with all three kids!)! I'm better now, though...I hope!
Pretty sure at our house we had a little bout of this:Thanks for the help, Horatio.

So, a few days out and time was a wastin' at the apple orchards! I mustered up some energy and drove to our favorite apple orchard: Happy Apple Orchard! We picked up a bushel and a half of apples (by "picked" I mean I pointed at 3 bags!). Thankfully the orchard guy carried them to my car. I was ridiculously weak!
Thursday night I started my apple marathon! My first goal: 1/2 of the apples turned into applesauce! We love homemade applesauce! It freezes so well. We use it all year long as a great snack and as a substitute for oil in my baking.
I'm almost embarrassed to post these pictures of the steps for making applesauce. It's too easy. Seriously, I think my friend's rabbit Julio could figure this out. I'm just saying...

Here we go:Fill a crock pot with washed apples that have been sliced in half.
That's need to cut out seeds or stems!
Now go find a fun project to do for several hours.
(Set crock pot to cook on low.)

Now for the fun part:
Pour apples into strainer and start stirring!
(These strainers (also called ricers or colanders) are so helpful for making applesauce and for crushing tomatoes...look for them at garage sales, thrift stores, or antique shops!)

This takes A LOT of muscles
...just one awesomely helpful, strong, handsome man.
Yep, he's my main squeeze.
My hunk-a-hunk 'o burnin' love.
I'll stop with that now.

Keep going until it looks like this:
just mostly the skins and seeds left.

Mmmmm....warm, frothy, tart and sweet applesauce!

Pour into containers.
Refrigerate or freeze until ready to use.

*My favorite part is when these comes out of the freezer, it still has that frothy, air consistency.
Soooo good!


Karen said...

I Love the way you do your applesauce. I was making the process far too complex!! This I know I can do:) Thank you:)

Jenn said...

We are always waiting on the edge of our seat for Horatio's dramatic line. Loved the comic, but sorry to hear you guys have been so sick :o(

une autre mère said...

This looks a lot easier than I thought! Maybe I'll do better at this than at making apple pies...

I also enjoyed the comic. He is the cheesiest CSI ever, but I love it!

Glad you're feeling better!