Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She lost her first tooth!

Yesterday, I greeted an extra smiley Cloe as she bounced out of the bus.

She had lost her first tooth at school!

I think that was secretly her goal all along. A few weeks ago, I heard all about the special treasure chest you got for your tooth if it came out at school.

During math, they were practicing counting, so the teacher asked Cloe to wiggle her tooth 10 times...then wiggle it all the way forward and hold it for 1o seconds...either her teacher was really into the cuteness of this wiggly tooth or she just really wanted it to fall out so Cloe would quit messing with it.
(As a former teacher, I'm guessing it was the latter. But as a mom, of course it was that she looked so darn cute wigglin' that little tooth!)

Here it is!
Cloe was ALL smiles with this little pink treasure chest.

There's the hole!

She was all too eager to go to bed with her tooth in position
for a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

All ready...what no dollar bills in my purse?

I had to hack into her piggy bank for $1 bill!
Don't worry--I documented the switch off just to keep things on the up and up...
I even paid her 4 extra quarters just for good measure.

Ahhh, out cold!

Of course, after taking the tooth and replacing it with the dollar, my old whack-o emotions had to set in. My baby lost her first tooth. It's another sign of the passing of time! Tomorrow I'll be sending her off to least, that's what it feels like! I laid down beside her and had a little boo-hoo time for this mom!

SO...drum roll please...the winner of the tooth contest:
Amanda's guess totally cracked me up: 3:47 today.
She was actually only about an hour off.
Amanda is a new bloggy friend I just met recently.
You should totally buzz on over here and check out her awesome cakes and cookies!
(Now the rest of you just had an ah-ha moment as to why I like her!)
Congratulations! If you'll email me you're home address, I'll get you your prize in the mail asap!

Thanks everyone for guessing!
I especially appreciated my three little Frenchies who guessed!
I love you guys!


une autre mère said...

Do you realize you just ended your blog by letting us know how "into" men you are? :)

CONGRATS Cloe on losing your first tooth! And I teared up a little when I read that you curled up next to her in bed... our time is coming too soon for that. :( Why can't we just freeze them at these ages?

Amanda said...

WHAT??? I cant believe I won!! But, the real prize is getting to be bloggy friends with you... so you do NOT have to send me anything!!

But thank you for offering. Just knowing what an awesome guesser I am is prize enough for me.

I kid.